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Tips for Dealing with Knee Pain

Tips for Dealing with Knee Pain

Many people suffer from knee pain, either from an injury or a pulled muscle. There are many  things you can do to ease your symptoms over the long-term and short-term.

Here are some ideas:

– Strengthen your glutes. Weak hips and inactive buttock muscles lead to knee pain, so exercise can be an option to prevent future symptoms.

– Strengthen other knee-supporting muscles. This includes the hamstrings and the inner thigh muscles. When they don’t move correctly, the knee can be put under stress, causing pain and strain.

– Tone core muscles. A strong core helps every system in the body. When your abdomen is weak, your pelvis tilts forward, causing low-back curving that moves inward the bones in the leg.

– Reduce your weight. Knee pain is common in overweight people, but losing only 10 percent of your weight has been shown to improve knee function by a third. That’s a great return on your effort and temporary inconvenience.

– Keep your feet healthy. Walking awkwardly to favor a painful foot will often cause knee pain, so treat foot pain before it leads to other problems.

– Walk. For many kinds of knee pain, walking to loosen the muscles around the knee is the best cure. If walking is too painful, stop. Then see a doctor.

– Get off it. If exercise hurts, try rest instead.

– Remember RICE. If pain is new, remember this: Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. This should decrease swelling and help ease symptoms.

Some knee problems require surgical treatment, but taking the right actions can help alleviate many kinds of knee pain. Before starting any change to your routine it is best to speak to a doctor or specialist who can advise you the best strategy of treatment and therapy. For an in-depth consultation, please contact us at Healthwise.


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