Self Massage & 40+ Fitness Book

Self Massage & 40+ Fitness by Martin Morrissey

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Self Massage & 40+ Fitness has been written and illustrated by Healthwise’s acupunturist and massage therapist Martin Morrissey!

Self Massage & 40+ Fitness is now available at as a colour illustrated perfect bound 242 page paper back and ebook. In this book you will learn how to massage your own stiff aching muscles the easy way. You do not need strong hands or even a prior knowledge of massage to do it, just to follow the simple instructions and pictures. Your own body weight does the hard work for you using your own hands, feet and elbows and cheap and simple massage tools.</p>

Self Massage & 40+ Fitness is also an exercise guide for the over 40’s. Many popular exercises that are easy to do for the average 20-year-old are nor only difficult for older age groups but even potentially injurious. Crunches, shoulder press and even some yoga asanas such as the cobra and headstands are unsuitable for the average 40+ body.

Well massaged muscles stretch and contract more easily, massage also expedites muscle recovery after exercise. If you are trying to regain fitness this book will give you a head start to achieve your fitness goals. Using exercise and massage together has long been common practice in professional sport. Now you can enjoy the combined benefits of both in the comfort of your own home at no more expense than the cost of this book. You can preview the contents of this book in the kindle edition of Self Massage & 40+ Fitness at amazon .com. A limited supply of discounted paper backs are available at Healthwise Eastwood and North Sydney.