Osteopathic Real Time Ultrasound

Osteopathic Real Time Ultrasound at Healthwise Eastwood & North Sydney

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The osteopaths at Healthwise have digital ultrasonic diagnostic imaging available to help evaluate your condition. Healthwise is at the forefront of patient care, using this technology to help you recover and maintain a healthy body.Used through skin tissue, these units are able to provide instant confirmation of injuries, potential problems and whether muscles are being used effectively.

Diagnostic Tool

Real Time Ultrasound Imaging (RTUS) may be used to assist in diagnosing muscular injuries such as shoulder impingement, vascular risk such as carotid artery stenosis and facilitate visually core stability exercise programs.

Training and Rehabilitation

Research show that many patients use the external abdominal muscles while the deep core (transverses abdominals, lumbar multifidus, the diaphragm and the pelvic floor) muscles are not used efficiently or correctly. These muscles protect and guide the spine.

Osteopaths will now be able to ensure patients are undertaking core stability exercises correctly by monitoring the muscle action through ultrasound imaging. Both the patient and the practitioner can view the lumbo-pelvic ‘core’ muscles contracting in real time.

Real Time Ultrasound ImageWith your practitioner’s help, training of core stability will enhance your recovery.

Ultrasound sessions will be singular appointments at standard fees or included as part of your re-examination visit.

Your practitioner will advise if and when an appointment is required.