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At Healthwise clinic, we specialise in providing remedial massage solutions that provide relief for a range of chronic health issues. Lead by a team of fully trained and qualified professionals, we are passionate about helping patients throughout Eastwood, North Sydney and surrounding areas achieve a better quality of life through effective massage therapy.Experience the benefits of a massage at Healthwise today

How massage treatment can heal the body

Known for its intrinsic ability to heal strained, aching and tired muscles, massage is a great way to relieve any tension build up that may have accumulated over weeks, months or even years. While it was once used primarily for relaxation, it is now widely seen as an effective way to rehabilitate a region of the body that experiences chronic discomfort or pain. Issues such as insomnia, wry neck, carpel tunnel syndrome, shin splints and frozen shoulder can all be treated effectively with the use of massage.

Remedial massage effective as it speeds up the body’s healing process by relaxing muscle spasms and tightness, eliminating toxic matter via the lymphatic system, lungs kidneys and skin, breaking down scar tissue and by increasing healthy blood flow around the body and its vital organs. These benefits can also be enjoyed by people who want to maintain their health and wellness so as to avoid common health problems such as the ones mentioned earlier.

Our massage professionals

Operating across two clinics in Eastwood and North Sydney, Healthwise offers a range of massage and chiropractic services that suit a wide range of needs. Our experience therapists use techniques such as remedial, Chinese, Swedish and Japanese styles based on the type of pain and discomfort you are feeling. With a focus on ensuring that each of our patients feels totally comfortable and at ease throughout the process, we aim to make your experience as positive as possible from start to finish.

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Servicing the Sydney suburbs of North Sydney and Eastwood, we are committed to offering nearby residents superior massage therapy for their needs. Contact us today on (02) 8376 8738 to book an appointment.