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Healthwise – New Year, New You!

Healthwise – New Year, New You!

A New Year always invokes change and it is a great time for making positive changes! After the Christmas parties and food, you can often feel quite sluggish in January. It is a New Year and that can be a great motivator to mix things up – change your diet,  look at your fitness and focus on your overall well being. At Healthwise we have a few suggestions to help inspire you to have a great 2015!

1) Add more fruit and veggies to your diet

Fruit and vegetables are crucial to good health. Full of essential vitamins and minerals, they should make up a large percentage of your daily diet. It can sometimes seem hard to incorporate them into each meal -particularly if you are in a bit of a food rut – which we all can get into from time to time. It is worth trying out a new fruit or vegetable each week – and experimenting with new recipes. Try out a farmers market and sample some of the foods there. Have a smoothie for breakfast – it is fast, filling and delicious!

There are lots of ways to incorporate more fruit and veg into your diet.  Some great options to try are:

  • Chopped celery, carrot and cucumber with hummus
  • Banana on wholemeal toast
  • Papaya, mango and banana smoothie
  • Tomato and basil soup with feta
  • Avocado on rye toast
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Experiment with new fruit & veg!

2) Try a new fitness class

January is summer time and a great time to try a new class or fitness programme. With the sun shining, there is no better way to exercise than getting outdoors! If you go to the gym try a new class such as spin or Pilates – it can breathe new life into your fitness regime and inspire you to break through any fitness plateaus.

  • Try a new class such as Pilates, kettlebells or TRX
  • Do an outdoor bootcamp
  • Swim or cycle in the outdoors
  • Hike with a friend
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Try a new class

3)  Monitor your well being

A New Year is a great time to focus on you. Sometimes we do so much in our lives- work, family and general life – that we often don’t take enough time out for ourselves. This could be something as simple as just running a hot bath, relaxing with a good book, or practicing meditation.

  • Make time every day for just you
  • Ensure you are getting adequate sleep
  • Enjoy a massage
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Make time for your well being

At Healthwise our goal is to help people maintain and achieve maximum health and live their lives to their full potential. Our expert practitioners can tailor a full health program to fit in with your lifestyle which will result in your return of vitality, motivation and physical health. At Healthwise we believe that health comes from the inside out, not from the outside in. For more information on our range of therapies and programmes see here


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