Getting Fit

getting fit post

There is a point where we all start to worry about lost fitness, it might be because we get a shock from a naked fat person in the bathroom before we realize we are actually looking at the mirror. Climbing stairs or reaching the top shelf might be getting harder or you might just lack physical energy. Whatever the motivation, you need to ensure you will not injure yourself when commencing (or recommencing) exercise.

Your knees may feel fine when casually walking around but when you break into a run pain starts. Your shoulders may feel fine working at your desk but when you start doing chin-ups or press-ups you suddenly notice one side is more painful than the other. Sometimes your body loosens as you persist and sometimes it worsens, that’s the chance you take if you go in cold.

Did you know that having massage, acupuncture or seeing an osteopath can reduce your chances of injury before or during a course of exercise? Unless a muscle is being put to the test you might be blissfully unaware how suddenly it can give way because it is weak or stiff, many people tear calf muscles sprinting for the bus because of lost fitness.

So come and tell us what your goals are, if you want to start running let us check your knees, ankles and hips. If swimming your way to fitness is your plan let us examine and treat your neck and shoulders. If you drive your car hard it will need extra service and repairs. Strenuously using your body similarly affects us.

Martin Morrissey – Healthwise Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist
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