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A Long Term Solution to Neck Pain

A Long Term Solution to Neck Pain

Dr Yasmin Fitton (Osteopath)

Our experience at Healthwise has shown that the most effective way to combat neck pain related to office work is a three-pronged approach, comprising:

Osteopathic hands on treatment of the musculoskeletal system to remove restrictions in joints and tension in the soft tissues. This improves mobility and circulation of blood, as well as reducing pain.

Ergonomic/postural correction to minimise loading on the neck and shoulders from poor posture.

Neck and shoulder (home-bases or gym based) strengthening exercises.

These are essential for two reasons:

Improving muscle strength to the upper body helps provide endurance to the muscles, enabling them to hold the head and neck in neutral without tiring easily.

The contraction of muscles whilst performing the rehab exercises, squeezes oxygenated blood through muscle tissue bringing important nutrients to the area, and the rest of the body.

Example of upper body strengthening exercise routine using 1kg or 2kg weight:

Bicep Curl to Extension

With light weights, arms down by your side and palms facing forward, bend at the elbows bringing the weights towards your shoulders. From this position, keep your palms facing you and straighten your arms above your head.

Bring your arms back down to the previous position with your palms facing your shoulders then slowly straighten your arms to the original position, arms down by your side and palms facing forward.

Repeat 8 times.

Anterior Shoulder Extensions

Have your arms down by your side, holding light weights with your palms facing forward. Slowly raise your arms backwards and up at a 20-degree angle. Bring your arms back to the original position by your side. Elbows should be kept straight.

Repeat 8 times.

Shoulder Turn Outs

Arms by your side with your elbows bent. Turn your arms out and squeeze your shoulder blades together, keeping elbows close by the sides of your body. Return to the original position.

Repeat 8 times.


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