Delicious ways to get more Kale into your diet!

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Kale is a delicious superfood, full of antioxidants and nutrients - making it a great addition to your diet. It is part of the cabbage family (Brassica oleracea), which includes broccoli, collard greens and brussels sprouts. As with all leafy green vegetables, kale is nutrient dense - packed with antioxidants including vitamin C, beta carotene and various flavonoids and ...
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The Importance of Hydration

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The power of water Our bodies are composed up to 80% water, which is one of the reasons it is a vital component of health. Drinking water is crucial to health, and many health professionals estimate the average person needs about 2 litres a day to remain sufficiently hydrated. But sometimes it can be hard to drink the correct amount and this can lead to dehydrated.  Signs...
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What is a herniated disc?

Dr David Sparavec osteopath
The spine or the vertebral column is made of small bones called the vertebrae aligned one over the other. There are about 33 such small bones in the spinal column; these bones are cushioned from one another by small discs called intervertebral discs. Each of these discs has two parts, an inner gel like part called nucleus pulposus embedded into a tougher outer fibrous part call...
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