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Naturopathy is the philosophy and science of healing a body holistically, a practice that dates back many centuries. A naturopathic approach places emphasis on preventative medicine as well as encouraging the body’s natural potential to heal itself with the help of natural treatment methods.It’s no secret that the recuperative powers of our body can at times be weakened by poor eating habits, lack of exercise or too much stress amongst other negative lifestyle factors. The symptoms we experience with disease demonstrates the breakdown of the body’s barriers to full health and wellbeing. Because of this, our experienced naturopath looks for the underlying cause of your health issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. We also encourage each of our patients to be active in taking responsibility for their own health. There are a number of ways to do this, including proper nutrition, kinesiology, homeopathy, flower essences, iridology etc.
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What to expect from a naturopathic consultation at our clinic

HerbsOur patient consultations aim to get a comprehensive insight into the history of your health as well as detailed information about the current problems you are facing. We ask you a range of questions, each one formulated to accurately establish what the underlying cause of your issues are.

By telling our naturopath your history and taking part in kinesiology, iridology and other naturopathic diagnostic techniques, they will be able to assess your current state of health and track the progress of your treatment.

A holistic approach to health

Naturopathic treatment covers a range of areas, from diet and nutrition to herbal medicine, flower essences, stress management, homeopathics and general lifestyle changes. Its success is largely thought to be due to the fact that it treats the patient in a holistic way, taking into account the interconnected spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of their body. This is in stark contrast to the current state of modern medicine, which commonly treats the symptoms rather than the cause.

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