What is Massage Therapy and how can it benefit health?

Massage Therapy:
Massage involves rubbing, pressing or manipulation of muscles with either hands or fingers or other parts of body according to need. Massage is generally used as either a relaxant or therapy of well-being or to manage a region specific discomfort or pain that might hinder motion. Massage therapy can be deployed to tackle several different physical challenges.

The main benefits of therapy  include:
• An improved circulation of blood, which efficiently nourishes every single cell and eliminates toxins and other waste material.
• Massage provides physical relaxation and has been used for centuries for the reason.
• General aches and pains including tight, stiff or cramped muscles can also be tackled by massage.
• Massage can also provide relief of nerve compression, ending both carpel tunnel and sciatica.
• IT can enhance greater stability, flexibility and range of motion, along with enhancing and vitalizing energy.
• Physical damage, permanent or temporary such as scar tissues, tendon, muscle tear or ligaments can also be manages by clinical massage.

Which Massage Style is the Best?

According to a research there are many different massage styles that exist and are practiced throughout the world. Each massage style has its own benefit according to need and use. Different techniques might help in you different ways with different problems.
The styles used in massage therapy range from long, smooth strokes too short percussive strokes according to need. Some therapists might even use oil, lotions or any tonic as a lubricant to make better strokes. Clients may be required to be partially unclothed depending on what you prefer, and sessions can be between 15 minutes to 2 hours. At Healthwise our therapists adapt to your personal preferences and needs.

To select which kind of massage is best for an individual it must be first decided that what reason you want the therapy for. Do you want a massage that just might relax you or control stress or do you need it for medical reasons to tackle symptoms or health condition? It is important that you might inform us as to  what type of massage you want before actually going for one. We will of course advise you on what we feel would benefit you the most.

Every therapist also might not be able to conduct every type of massage although many use more than one type of style.  We can also change the style of massage customized for an individual, depending on  your age, gender, condition, physical attributes or any goals or fitness you might want to achieve. Massage therapy is an excellent one, without any side effects if conducted by a professional such as Healthwise! Find out more by contacting one of our clinics and speaking to a member of the team such as Massage Therapist Martin Morrissey

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