Dr. Marcus Von Mengersen

Dr. Marcus Von Mengersen (Osteopath)
Bachelor Science (Clinical Science) Masters Health Science (Osteopathy)

(02) 8376 8738

Dr. Marcus Von Mengersen
Dr. Marcus Von Mengersen (Osteopath)

Marcus has 19 years of clinical experience. He completed his Masters Degree in the biomechanics of lifting.

Marcus firstly takes a comprehensive history from each patient and then performs a thorough physical examination. He provides a comprehensive report of his findings outlining the patient’s diagnosis and any treatment that may be required.

Marcus uses traditional osteopathic techniques as well as implementing the very latest technology in diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Each treatment program is tailored to the patient’s condition and is constantly monitored and reviewed as progressive improvement is made.

Patients are given home based stretching and strengthening exercises to assist in the rehabilitation process and help to prevent further injuries.

Marcus works closely with other health care professionals such as naturopaths and massage therapists to ensure your health requirements are met.

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