Did you know?….

Office workers commonly suffer from:
*Lower back pain from hours of sitting in the same position.
*Shoulder pain from excessive use of the computer mouse.
*Jaw tension head aches through the stress of meeting deadlines.
*Neck pain and stiffness from poor working posture.
*Foot and lower leg problems from stylish but impractical footwear.
*Wrist and forearm repetitive strain injuries through keyboard use.
At Healthwise we have the knowledge, skills and experience to help you with all of the above problems. With appropriate soft tissue treatment, exercise and postural advice we can help you rediscover what it’s like to feel normal again.
We can help you not only to feel more comfortable in your own body but also to restore normal joint and muscle function.
While your job might not be that physical it can create physical signs and symptoms that can get in the way of you enjoying life inside and outside of your working environment.

Martin Morrissey, Acupuncturist/Remedial Massage Therapist

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