Giselle Cooke talks hormones!

Our own Holistic Health Adviser, Giselle Cooke, joined Suzy Yates on International Women's Day to discuss women and our hormones - click here to hear the podcast! Tune in tonight to hear Giselle discuss Fitgenes and optimal agreeing with Suzy again this Wednesday the 15th of March! Giselle is available at our North Sydney clinic Tuesday and Thursdays by appointment - plea...

It’s written in my genes

Can an astrophysicist and a molecular biologist tell us what is the "Perfect Health Diet" for everyone? Of course not, how absurd! We are all so genetically and biochemically unique, with vastly different nutritional requirements, that you cannot apply the same standard nutritional advice to everyone - male, female, young, old, pregnant, athlete, ageing, diseased, on medication...

Spike in joint replacement surgery

Total hip and knee replacement surgery admissions have risen by 8.9% (hip) and 7.3% (knee) compared to the previous year (2015/16). Currently, orthopaedic interventions make up 15% of all admissions to public hospitals for elective surgery in 2015/16 with 107,680 patients admitted. The waiting period for knee replacements currently averages 188 days and 114 days for hip r...

Did you know?….

Office workers commonly suffer from: *Lower back pain from hours of sitting in the same position. *Shoulder pain from excessive use of the computer mouse. *Jaw tension head aches through the stress of meeting deadlines. *Neck pain and stiffness from poor working posture. *Foot and lower leg problems from stylish but impractical footwear. *Wrist and forearm repetitive stra...

Living longer, but more illness and disability

A global study has shown that we are living longer than what we were in 1980 but spending more time with illness and disabilities. Many of these disabilities were preventable by maintaining a healthy weight, participating in a small amount but regular exercise, and maintaining a balanced diet low in sugars and processed foods, and high in fresh produce. David Sparavec, Oste...

Nearly 4% of all – cause mortality linked to excess sitting

Sitting for more than 3 hours per day is responsible for 3.8% of all –cause mortality according to an analysis of behaviour surveys from 54 countries. More importantly reducing sitting times to less than 3 hours daily increases life expectancy by an average of 0.20 years. David Sparavec, Osteopath

Study finds no link between obesity gene and the ability to lose weight

The findings published in a recent British medical journal indicate that the FTO gene does not appear to affect a person’s ability to lose weight. The study demonstrated that individuals carrying the FTO gene responded well to dietary and physical activity. In pain language, less food intake and more activity will likely respond in weight loss for everyone. David Sparavec, O...

What is the best mattress for back pain?

A study group provided a group of healthy people whose beds were at least 5 years old with new beds featuring medium-firm encased springs. After 28 nights on the new bed, all of the study participants said they were experiencing less back pain and shoulder stiffness – and better sleep quality, comfort and efficiency. David Sparavec, Osteopath

Shoulder Problems

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Shoulder pain and stiffness can occur at any age but is most common between 45 and 55. Sometimes shoulders get injured and sometimes inflammatory joint diseases will produce swelling and pain, if you have just dislocated your shoulder or you get diagnosed with a disease like rheumatoid arthritis the doctor is the person you need to see. If your shoulders start giving you tr...

Getting Fit

getting fit post
  There is a point where we all start to worry about lost fitness, it might be because we get a shock from a naked fat person in the bathroom before we realize we are actually looking at the mirror. Climbing stairs or reaching the top shelf might be getting harder or you might just lack physical energy. Whatever the motivation, you need to ensure you will not injure you...